Drawings and designs on history of Cuba

Drawings and designs on history of Cuba by Javier Mariscal  Website of Javier Mariscal : here  The history of Cuba is long and very rich in nuances. From the first natives who lived on the island, then the Spanish conquerors arrived, then came the slaves brought from Africa, the colonial era in which the collection of sugarcane and slavery were the most colorful elements. ...

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Tierra guajira photo by raul cañibano

One of the best cuban photographers

One of the best cuban photographers It is impossible to decide who the best Cuban photographer is especially because there are different styles, preferences, personalities, etc. This article entitled "one of the best cuban photographers" is a very personal article dedicated to a friend, the Cuban photographer Raul Cañibano Ercilla whom I consider one of the best Cuban photographers and an inspiration in my documentary work on photograp...

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New cuban photography

If the 1970 generation in Cuban photography was a transitional step to open the way to the creation of the most important artistic movement of the late twentieth century, it is from 1980 that all the established schemes were broken and remained in force throughout those years and continued until the 21st century. Here taboos were eliminated and there was an opening in terms of criteria, concepts and themes that until then were never thought could be retaken. ...

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che guevara portrait, the most famous cuban photography

Information about Che Guevara picture taken by Korda

The image taken by Alberto Díaz "Korda" was taken in 1960 and reproduced millions of times. However, the photographer never charged a dollar for copyright and the negative is in the hands of the government of Havana A Che Guevara who seems to look to infinity, with his beret with the communist star. ...

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cuban photographers

links to find cuban photographers

List of names and artistic histories of Cuban photographers of all times, the great ones of yesterday and today. Cuban photography, as a function, arose from an informative-communicative and documentary-testimonial need. It is considered one of the richest in Latin America (along with the Mexican, Brazilian and Argentine) for the great variety of expressive styles and high technical-artistic-informative quality. Since its emergence, he has traveled through subjects as diverse as portraiture, landscape and architecture, to advertising photography and especially to social photography; also passing th...

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Models in Cuba

Photographic workshop in Cuba with Louis Alarcon

If you are an amateur photographer and traveler and you want to live an authentic photographic experience in Cuba. I advise you see my photo tour in Cuba, where I have lived and worked since 1998. www.photographingcuba.com My name is Louis Alarcon, I am a professional photographer, teacher and guide that is 100% specialized in documenting Cuba. I run the international Instagram for Cuba, and I am the owner of the largest video channel on Cuba that current...

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banners about cuba and usa in a car in my photography guided tours to cuba

20 reasons to fall in love with Cuba

Cuba is a mesmerizing destination that offers both style and a hint of mystery. If you are planning a short trip to this island nation, you may already be aware of a few facts about this place. Still, there are certain things that you may not know Here I bring you 19 reasons to fall in love with Cuba, in no particular order. Life under the skies Cubans usually stay home during the ‘cold season’, but you will probably fail to notice any difference in the climate. Cubans are used to living mostly outdoors – you can expect to have dinner under the night sky, and then go for a walk along the coast all throughout the y...

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photo of carnivals in Havana with louis alarcon

when to travel to cuba month per month

The following article will help you find your way around Cuba depending on the month. Travelling to Cuba in August and doing so in January are completely different experiences, as you will see below. I’ll be as detailed as possible for you to avoid any confusion. JANUARY It is important to know that night falls around 7 PM, that it is a month when temperatures can occasionally be low, and above all, that it is a month when tobacco is harvested, which makes travelling to Viñales around this time of year highly recommended, even though the...

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jazz in havana la zorra y el cuervo pub

Places to listen to jazz in Havana

In this article you will not only discover the best places where you can listen to jazz in Havana, but at the end I will also show you how to take a different and authentic trip to Cuba. You can take it with us or on your own, but we will certainly help you find new ideas. Something that has left a mark on Cuban jazz as time went by was the mix obtained from the typical jazz rhythms born in New Orleans and the Caribbean melodies; resulting in fusions with genres as diverse as rumba, swing, son and blues. If during your vacations in Cuba you want to get to know and enjoy this Latin Jazz and Afro Jazz made in C...

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massage in cuba

Massages in Cuba

Recent changes in the country now let you enjoy some good massages in Cuba. A pleasure you will be able to partake in during your trip to Cuba is a massage session in Havana. When on vacation on the Island, you will be able to relax and enjoy a massage. As is common knowledge, regularly getting massages is a pleasant way to stimulate the nerves and blood flow, reducing stress levels, rejuvenating the skin and aiding in the elimination of toxins from the body. That’s why during your vacations in Havana it would be a great time to feel the benefits of massages. ...

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